Best 10 Filipino Romance Movies of 2012

Filipino Romance Movies of 2012

Revisiting the Best of Filipino Romance Movies in 2012

From romantic intertwining threads on the big screen to magical moments that melted our hearts to unforgettable dialogues, 2012 was indeed a get-away from the norm with a bucket-list-tagged hallmark for Filipino romance films. Grab your popcorn and cuddle up to be swept away by romance as we count down the top 10 best Filipino romance movies that made 2012 an unforgettable year.

1. The Mistress

An unforgettable masterpiece by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, bringing to life a love affair you wouldn’t want to partake in but couldn’t stop watching as it unfolds.

2. One More Try

The powerful cast—Angel Locsin, Dingdong Dantes, Zanjoe Marudo, and Angelica Panganiban—took us through a journey of love, pain, and sacrifice like never before.

3. My Cactus Heart

Sandy breaks hearts after renunciating love. She leaves a trail of broken-hearted men in her wake until her friend and a handsome coworker vie for her affection.

4. Suddenly It’s Magic

Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer brought international love to life in this heart-touching romantic film.

5. 24/7 in Love

Featuring an ensemble cast of Star Magic’s talents, this movie is an anthology that explores various types of love.

6. A Secret Affair

Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, and Andi Eigenmann show us the complexities, pain, and confusion of forbidden love.

7. Unofficially Yours

John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin brewed up a storm with their sizzling on-screen chemistry in a casual relationship turned romantic.

8. Born to Love You

Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto showed us that destiny sometimes has a sense of humor in the journey of love in this heart-tugging film.

9. My Kontrabida Girl

Isabel Reyes (Rhian Ramos), the notorious soap opera villain, is universally despised, making her the most detested person on television. However, a strange turn of events causes her to have a near-fatal accident, which turns her entire world upside down.

10. Every Breath U Take

With Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban at the helm, this movie provides a fresh look at the journey of finding love in the most surprising ways.

Swooning Again and Again: That’s a Wrap!

And there you have it: the top 10 romance Filipino films of 2012 that captivated hearts and stirred romantic feelings, serving us memorable moments of heartbreak, laughter, tears, and love. Looking back at these unforgettable gems not only fuels nostalgia but also reminds us of the golden year in Filipino cinema, when love ruled the silver screen. Time to go digging into that old DVD collection or stream these favorites for a wonderful weekend marathon!

Filipino Romance Movies of 2012 FAQ

Here are the most common questions about the Filipino romance movies of 2012.

1. Can the dialogue in these movies be difficult to understand?

The movies are in Filipino (Tagalog), and while some may find the language challenging, English subtitles are usually available, making it easier for non-Tagalog speakers to understand.

2. Are these Filipino movies available on DVD?

Yes, many of these movies are available on DVD. Check local retailers, online stores, or your local library to see if they have the DVD you are looking for.

3. Do these movies typically have happy endings?

As with any genre, the endings can vary from movie to movie. Some romance movies may have happy endings, while others might have bittersweet or sad endings.

4. How long are Filipino romance movies usually?

The length of Filipino romance movies is typically around 90 minutes to two hours. However, the runtime can vary based on the specific storyline and plot.

5. Did any of the 2012 Filipino romance movies win awards?

Yes, many of these films were nominated for and won various awards. For example, “One More Try” won several awards at the 28th PMPC Star Awards for Movies, including Movie of the Year, and “The Mistress” won the Film Academy of the Philippines award for Best Picture.