The 9 Best Filipino Horror Movies That Unleashed Real Terror In 2013

The 9 Best Filipino Horror Movies that Unleashed Real Terror in 2013

The Best Filipino Horror Movies: Unleashing the Phantom of 2013

Fear is a universal feeling that transcends language and culture, and movies are a perfect platform to exploit this emotion thoroughly. In 2013, the Filipino film industry amplified the scare factor in high gear. From monstrous creatures lurking in the dark to ghosts haunting the living, we had it all! Here are the top 9 Filipino horror movies from 2013 that gave viewers an unforgettable chill down their spine.

1. Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay

Get ready for a thrill ride with this film as it elegantly combines fear with folklore. This horror film revolves around the traditional Filipino belief in “pagpag,” which says mourners can’t go straight back home after a wake without going somewhere else first.

2. Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles

This visually stunning movie blends classic Filipino folklore with cheeky humor to tell the story of a young couple struggling to survive against a nightmarish monster, the Aswang.

3. The Diplomat Hotel

A haunted hotel and an emotionally scarred reporter—the perfect recipe for a great horror film. This eerie movie portrays a string of mysterious events that will make your night a chilling experience.

4. Kuwaresma

Directed by Erik Matti, this cinematic piece dabbles with the paranormal as it dives into the dark secrets of a family living in a cursed home.

5. Sapi

A young TV-news presenter and his producer end up bringing evil into their own homes when they cover a case of demonic possession.

6. Bangungot

A young woman starts to see the terrifying images from her nightmares come true while on vacation during Holy Week, endangering her and her friends.

7. Kamandag ni Venus

This horror film brings a fresh spin to the classic “Aswang” tale by introducing a high-stakes race against time. It’s non-stop terror at its finest!

8. Alagwa

This suspenseful drama can be quite horrifying as it recounts the story of a helpless father’s search for his lost child.

9. Ang Huling Henya

Comedy horror is a tricky genre, but “Ang Huling Henya” nails it! It’s a spooky yet comic tale of a secret agency and a genius who team up to save the world from human-eating… clouds?

That’s a Wrap; It’s a Scary Night!

And there you have it—the top 9 most terrifying Filipino horror movies from 2013 that will leave you on edge. These are a must-see for every horror film enthusiast out there seeking some extraordinary fright nights. If you’re looking for something more than just a scare, these films also showcase deep Filipino culture and traditions, making them not just terrifying but also wonderfully compelling. Be warned, though—you might be sleeping with the lights on after watching these!

Best Filipino Horror Movies in 2013 FAQ

Here are the most common questions about Filipino horror movies in 2013.

1. What is the cultural significance of these Filipino horror movies?

Many of the themes present in these horror films are based on Filipino folklore and superstitions, making them culturally rich and significant. They offer a glimpse into the fears, beliefs, and societal issues that prevail in the Philippines, adding an extra layer of depth to their storytelling.

Yes, Filipino horror movies have gained recognition and popularity internationally. Festivals like the Fantasia International Film Festival often feature Filipino horror films.

3. Are these films subtitled or dubbed for non-Filipino audiences?

Most Filipino films that are released internationally are subtitled in English. Dubbing may vary depending on the distribution in different countries.

4. How have these horror films performed at the box office?

Many of these films have been successful at the Filipino box office. For example, “Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay” was the highest-grossing horror movie at the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival.

5. Can these films be considered suitable for all ages?

Most of these films contain scenes that may be frightening or unsuitable for children, carry parental guidance, or have an adult rating.