Top 10 Funniest Filipino Comedy Movies of 2010

Top 10 Funniest Filipino Comedy Movies of 2010

Lights, Camera, Laughter!

There’s no other fun way to enjoy Philippine culture than watching what Filipinos do best—create hilarious, heartwarming comedy movies. In 2010 alone, the Philippine film industry produced several gems that tickled the funny bone and tugged at the heartstrings. So, unleash your inner Pinoy humor appetite and get ready to ROFL with this hand-picked list of the top Filipino comedy movies of 2010 that are guaranteed to make you cry with laughter.

1. Petrang Kabayo

“Petrang Kabayo” is a remake of a classic tale with a humorous twist. Vice Ganda’s portrayal of a transformed horse brought a new level of comedy to Philippine cinema.

2. Praybeyt Benjamin

Again, Vice Ganda dominated the comedy scene in 2010 with “Praybeyt Benjamin”. The hilarious story of an effeminate man joining the military left countless viewers ROFL-ing in theaters.

3. Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last na ‘To!

Multitalented Ai-Ai de las Alas shows us why she’s considered a funny queen in the film industry. As a struggling single mom of twelve kids, humor and chaos rolled into one.

4. Here Comes the Bride

“Here Comes The Bride” is a comic tale of five people who exchange souls during a solar eclipse, resulting in a myriad of hilarious situations.

5. Cinco

The film “Cinco” uses five everyday situations turned into outlandish horror-comic scenes, proving Filipino cinema’s dark comedy chops.

6. Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

Top actress Marian Rivera offers a laugh-out-loud performance as Super Inday, a superheroine destined to save her town from an evil villain.

7. RPG: Metanoia

Though categorized as an animated action-adventure film, “RPG: Metanoia” showcases Filipino humor intertwined with virtual reality and friendship.

8. Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote

Two of the Philippines’ beloved folklore entities team up in “Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote”. This fast-paced, funny film brings a modern spin to traditional Philippine tales.

9. You To Me Are Everything

In a classic trope of a rich girl falling for a poor boy, “You To Me Are Everything” added Filipino wit and charm that took it to comedic heights.

10. My Amnesia Girl

Apollo wants to redeem himself to Irene, a girl who he leaves on the day of their wedding, but a big problem occurs, Irene has amnesia.

An Epic Epilogue of Laughter Ripples

In a country that saw its share of struggles and challenges, these Filipino comedy movies were a fun relief for countless viewers in 2010. They also allowed the world to appreciate the excellent humor and heart within the bounds of Philippine cinema.

Now it’s clear: For a barrel of laughs that hit close to home, all roads lead to Filipino comedy movies! The 2010 roster is just a glimpse into the rich, varied, and fun-filled world of Philippine cinema. So, why wait? Grab some popcorn and let the laughter marathon begin!

Top 10 Filipino Comedy Movies in 2010 FAQ

Here are the most common questions about the top 10 Filipino comedy movies in 2010.

1. Which Filipino comedy movies from 2010 would you recommend for someone unfamiliar with Filipino films?

“Here Comes the Bride” and “My Amnesia Girl” are both highly recommended for their humor and portrayals of Filipino culture.

2. Where were these movies filmed?

These movies were mostly filmed in the Philippines, with locations varying based on the story.

3. Are these movies family-friendly?

While the majority of Filipino comedy movies are family-friendly, viewers are advised to check the movie’s rating or reviews before watching with children to ensure the content is suitable.

4. Where can I watch these movies?

These movies can be watched on various streaming platforms that offer Filipino movies, such as Netflix, iFlix, and TFC (The Filipino Channel). They might also be available as DVDs in stores or online.

5. Are these movies available in English or with subtitles?

Some Filipino movies may be available with English subtitles on certain platforms, but this would depend on the platform and the specific movie.